Siggraph 2018 Rewind - David Brodeur: Creating Rocks And Terrain in C4D

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David Brodeur (Locked and Loading) demonstrates his techniques for creating ground terrain and rocks in Cinema 4D. Through his presentation David will briefly show how this can be done in the Physical Render engine with no additional tools. After he will go more in depth using Octane Render with this technique. David will show a combination of techniques inside Cinema 4D utilizing Displacement, Clones, Displacer Deformer. You’ll also see how David uses C4D’s Sculpting tools to model rocks and scatter the rocks around a landscape.

04:09Creating Landscapes with Displacement
09:28Building Textures for Physical Render
15:54Sculpting Rocks
24:32Texturing Landscape in Octane
35:31Cloning Rocks onto the Landscape / Octane Scatter

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