Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Al Heck and Jon Weinberger: How to Create Game Art for Unity using C4D

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Al Heck and Jon Weinberger from GameDevHQ show how to create game art assets in Cinema 4D, and use those assets in Unity to create a playable game. Al demonstrates key skills for game asset development, including UV unwrapping and texture painting in BodyPaint 3D. You’ll also see how to use C4D’s Sculpting system to add details to the model and bake the sculpted detail into normal maps for use in a game asset. Al also talks about how Mixamo can be used to rig and animate a character, and how you can apply various Mixamo animations via the Retarget tag. After Al brings the asset into Unity, Jon shows how to define various animation states and use the assets in a playable game demo.

04:16UV Unwrapping
13:57Projecting Concept Art and Painting with BodyPaint 3D
18:09Painting Multi-Channel Textures
24:52Baking Sculpt Normals
27:56Character Rigging and Animation with Mixamo / Retarget Tag
30:37Importing C4D Game Assets into Unity
34:13Voronoi Fracture - Breaking Crate
35:37Setting up Animations in Unity
39:11Setting up Crate Dynamics in Unity

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