Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Aaron Sorensen: VFX & Compositing with Redshift & C4D

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Aaron is the founder of and an instructor on He has created products and training for the VFX artist. He is also a full-time senior VFX artist and compositor for THE VOID. He has had to opportunity to work with ILM, Lucas Film and Disney. You can see some of his work at the VOID centers (a location based VR experience) across the world, including Downtown Disney and Disney Springs.

In this presentation, Aaron gives you a taste of his VFX Crash Course on VFX Central, taking you step-by-step through his process of creating a photo-realistic 3D environment and cinematic matte painting for a live-action SciFi film shot. He shares some great tracking tips and techniques, shows you how to add a "taking camera" for a cinematic perspective, paint and add a complete 3D environment, add lighting, and finally shares his tips for rendering and setting up multi-passes with RedShift to finalize your composition.

00:17Demo Reel
02:01The Void
05:35Workflow Overview
08:44Tracking in Cinema 4D
19:12Using the Tracked Footage to Create the Cinematic Camera
28:07Using ProjectionMan to add a 3D Environment

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