Siggraph 2015 Rewind - Bret Bays: Creating a Character Rigging Pipeline in Cinema 4D

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  • Duration: 45:50
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C4D's Character Object and Python combine for a fast, flexible character rigging pipeline.

Bret Bays demonstrates the character rigging / technical direction pipeline he developed for the C4D short film The Ottoman Project.

02:09Using Polygon Joint Display for Previs Rig
06:48Character Object
13:31Scripting Rig Adjustment with Python
21:26Scripting Frozen Transformations
27:35Exporting Weights to a File
30:31Speed Rigging Demo
31:43Rigging Scorpion Mech
33:18Visual Selector and Xrefs
39:34Transfer Animation Plugin
40:49Ghosting Poses (bhGhost)

Bret explains how the Cinema 4D Character Object helps to manage the complexity, consistency and naming of rigs in a production pipeline, and how it can be augmented with Python scripts and plugins to fit the desired workflow. Python scripts and plugins, including Bret's own CV-Weight Scripts help automate the process of adjusting and rebuilding the rig.
Bret also shows how to display proxy geometry within joints using Michael Welter's free Copy Paste Polys plugin.

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