NAB 2018 Rewind - Phil Roberts: My First Year in Cinema 4D: A Creative Journey

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Phil Roberts discusses his journey from creative retoucher to 3D artist, providing valuable insight in how to make the transition to 3D and highlighting three projects. You’ll learn about valuable assets in the C4D community, like and Brograph’s Rando Render.

For the “time” project, Phil created dynamic camera animation by adding a Vibrate tag on simple camera animation. In a further exploration, he shows how to create a triangular grid dissolve using the PolyFX defomer. To create his “raidCity”, Phil made use of Octane’s Scatter feature, and demonstrates how to easily animate between two camera positions with the Morph Camera tag. Finally, Phil shows how he used the Boolean object with purchased rock assets to create a destroyed Earth.

08:13Rando Render
15:14time Project / Camera Animation
22:29PolyFX Traingular Grid Animation
26:02raidCity Project
29:27Morph Camera
32:52destroyed.Earth Project
35:28destoryed.Earth Boolean

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