NAB 2018 Rewind - Dan Pierse: Cinema 4D in a Broadcast Environment: Action and Comedy Promo Product

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In this NAB 2018 Rewind, Dan Pierse demonstrates several techniques he uses while creating promos as Motion Graphics Design Director for Fox Broadcasting.

Especially for NAB 2018, Dan created four stylized promos for the fictional channel Flux. In this presentation you’ll see several techniques he used in creation of the Action and Comedy promos.

In the Action promo, Dan used Cinema 4D’s Voronoi Fracture to procedurally break apart buildings and roadways as they’re hit by meteors. Learn several techniques for creating fractures and controlling their dynamic animation.

For the Comedy promo, Dan created a scene controlled entirely via C4D’s dynamics. You’ll learn how to design a working conveyor belt using Cinema 4D’s Motor and Hinge objects, as well as the MoGraph Cloner. Dan also shows how to use the sculpting toolset to quickly add icing to donuts, and then applies soft-body dynamics to the donuts with the help of the Mesh Deformer.

03:24Technical Brief: Fox Presents
07:15Action Sequence
09:20Quickly Model a Building
13:05Voronoi Fracture Trigger on Collision / Meteor Attack
19:54Voronoi Fracture Trigger via Effector
26:18Comedy Scene
30:14Dynamic Conveyor Belt / Motors and Cloners
38:34Sculpting Donut Icing
42:40Soft Body Dynamic Donuts / Mesh Deformer

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