NAB 2017 Rewind - Dave Koss: Time-Saving Project Management in Cinema 4D

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Dave Koss of Brograph and Nexus Motion shows project management techniques used in the creation of an Emmy-nominated Christmas commercial for HaynesBoone and concert visuals for Deadmau5. Dave shows how deformers and Xpresso combine to create a simple Dove animation rig, and talks about how Xrefs and Instancing enhance workflow on a large multi-artist project.You'll see how Displacement and R18's Viewport Tesselation aid in creating a landscape. Dave shows how the Luminous Light Kit available from can aid in creating Octane-compatible lights, and talks about his collaboration with Deadmau5. Finally, Dave shows a project for InTouch Ministries, where he used CV-ArtSmart to quickly import and extrude Illustrator artwork and World Machine to create an Octane-friendly displacement map for the landscape.

04:19HaynesBoone Christmas Commercial
06:09Dove Rig
14:00Optimizing Models
16:28Xrefs with Dropbox
29:44Displacement-based Landscape
33:39Deadmaus Visuals
35:29Luminous Light Kit for C4D Octane
38:35InTouch Promise - ArtSmart Figures
40:35InTouch Promise - Octane Displacement

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