NAB 2017 Rewind - Chad Ashley: 3D Workflow Techniques for Lazy People

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Chad Ashley shows off some techniques and workflows that will save you a ton of work and aggravation in the long run. He begins his presentation by showing off the folder structure he uses for his projects to ensure he can always finds the files he needs. He then shows how he uses Takes and Tokens in order to easily output new shots for an editor without ever having to name another output file. He wraps up with a discussion of how using Layers can help to organize your scene and speed up your editor playback by turning off calculations that are pertinent to what you're working on. Throughout the presentation Chad shares a ton of tips and tricks including things like: Watermarks, Preset Layouts, and Selection Objects. Be "lazy" and let Chad save you the hard work of learning this workflows learned in a decade of production work.

01:03Transitioning to C4D from Max and Maya
02:24But I'm Lazy, Why Should I Care?
03:18An Ounce of Prevention
04:20Gorilla Grade LUTs
06:32Process: Work Less, Create More
08:50Scene Starters
12:20Custom Layout Tour
15:16Takes & Tokens
24:31Rendering a Watermark
29:10Object Manager Bookmarks
31:23Annotation Tags
32:45Selection Objects
40:02Speeding Up a Scene with Layers
42:11Layers and Materials

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