NAB 2017 Rewind - Andy Needham: Projection Mapping and VFX techniques for Motion Designers

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  • Duration: 52:35
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  • Made with Release: 18
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Andy Needham shows several techniques used in creating a Halloween-themed basketball court projection for the Sacremento Kings. You'll learn several character animation techniques using the PoseMorph tag, deformers and the restriction tag. You'll also see how R18's Voronoi Fracture can be used to easily break and crumble the floor. Next you'll see how Camera Calibration and Projection Mapping helped bring old photographs to life in a project for Sotheby's. Finally, Andy gives an overview of Cinema 4D's Motion Tracker.

05:06PoseMorph Tag
07:38Collision Deformer
11:22Effectors as Deformers with Falloff
13:11Bat Rig - Restriction Tag
15:32Sound Import Script
17:39Court Collapse - Voronoi Fracture
23:50AE Projection Setup - Corner Pin
24:44Sothebys Project
25:55Camera Calibration
28:45Camera Mapping
32:38Camera Morph
34:13Motion Tracker

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