NAB 2013 Rewind, Colin Sebestyen: Motion Design for Live Events

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Motion Design for Live Events

Motion Design for Live Events

In this live talk from NAB 2013, motion designer and educator Colin Sebestyen does a deep dive into the topic of Loops? What are they? What are the different types of loops? How can you create looping animations in Cinema 4D?

00:00:00 - Introduction - What is a loop? What are the types of loops?
00:06:00 - How do you build a Spatial Loop?
00:11:45 - Temporal Loops
00:18:40 - Form Loops
00:21:00 - Process Loops
00:29:00 - Loop Packs
00:32:00 - Animating a Flower Blooming
00:38:00 - Dropping cleavers to the ground with Thinking Particles
00:47:00 - "Edison" Project Breakdown

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