NAB 2012 Rewind - Royale: Why CINEMA 4D is perfect in any 3D pipeline

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Why CINEMA 4D is Perfect in Any 3D Pipeline - Royale presents at NAB on April 17, 2012

Royale shows how CINEMA 4D's easy interoperability with any 3D pipeline is absolutely essential for them to complete big jobs with many moving pieces.

In this presentation, Anthony Madlangbyan shows how Royale used CINEMA 4D's deformers to create the global network brand launch for Disney Junior. Renzo Reyes highlights a technique for using CINEMA 4D's Motion System in camera animation for the Spirit Awards opening title sequence. Anthony demonstrates how Royale achieved a papercraft stop-motion look in a campaign for Toyota. Finally, Renzo explains how MoGraph, Global Illumination and Multi-pass Rendering were used to set up an M&Ms promo that could be easily adapted to new holidays and campaigns.

04:30Disney Junior
13:45Spirit Awards
27:40Toyota 100 Cars for Good

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