NAB 2012 Rewind - EJ Hassenfratz: Stand-out text for motion designs

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Stand-out Text for Your Motion Designs - EJ Hassenfratz of Eyedesyn presents at NAB on April 17, 2012

EJ Hassenfratz from Eyedesyn shows-off his secret technique for easily making text pop using Spline Dynamics and MoDynamics. He'll also cover using PlaneSmart and Xrefs.

In this presentation, EJ demonstrates how he used MoGraph, with the Inheritance Effector and Rigid-Body Dynamics to transform a print ad into a full motion piece. Next, EJ shows how he utilized Cineversity's PlaneSmart plugin with CINEMA 4D's Xrefs and Particles to create a Butterfly promo for the Smithsonian Institution. Finally, EJ breaks down jumbotron imagery for the Washington Capitals, where he creates unique text edges by sweeping profiles along the text spline, then applies Spline Dynamics and Dynamic Springs with MoGraph to create dynamic chains.

03:18Flexing your muscle
21:12Butterfly in the Sky
32:52CINEMA 4D Hat Trick

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