Max On Color | Looks Breakdown - Borrowing from Film

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Join our resident Maxon colorist and ICA instructor Maximus Raharjo, as he hosts a fortnightly grading show, showcasing looks, techniques, tips, settings, LUTs and workflows, designed to help you learn more about color correction and grading. Max will feature industry guests who will also share how they approach the grading process, providing invaluable production information, helping you to become a better colorist.

Continuing the discussion on the film aesthetics, in this session Max will showcase how to borrow those aesthetics to be included into your looks. This time, not only will he revisit the creation of looks inside DaVinci Resolve but also showcasing the looks development process in NLE software such as Premiere Pro using Magic Bullet Suite. So, if you are not a full-time colorist, don’t worry about it. This session will get you covered.

00:00:00 Waiting Loop
00:04:56 Welcome
00:06:12 Introducing Chad Perkins
00:07:55 Why discussing color
00:09:45 Housekeeping
00:11:55 Recap Film Aesthetics
00:12:20 What is filmic [Chad]
00:15:02 Todays theme Grading
00:16:01 Creating a Look
00:19:00 Clip v timeline
00:20:35 Q Which clip leads
00:21:30 Grouping clips
00:24:20 __ Lightbox
00:25:00 __ The Four Dots
00:26:58 Example clip, group [pre/post], timeline
00:28:25 Q LUT transfer requirements
00:32:22 MBL Mojo
00:35:45 Renoiser
00:37:00 Where to apply the LUT
00:38:18 Halations
00:39:20 Color Gradient walk through
00:42:30 Node Break down
00:44:00 Q Why channel change [log discussion]
00:49:40 3x3 Matrix, RGB mixer, Linear
00:50:54 __ the MBL way [simpler]
00:53:06 Clip Level, Exposure
00:53:51 __ shaping the light (and color)
00:55:00 Four dots recap
00:58:20 Alternative Premier-Pro MBL
00:58:38 __ Adjustment Layer Main
00:59:47 __ Adjustment Layer Group
01:03:00 Q Toe - Why lifted
01:07:00 T-Shirts and housekeeping

LUT - Look Up table
MBL - Magic Bullet looks

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