How to Create a Space Colony: Part 6 - Details, Details

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n Part 6, you'll increase the detail of the model. You'll flesh out the framework and spine, and build a new transport section.
First, you'll redo the framework to make it easier to edit. Then, you'll make the rods in the framework much more detailed, using tools like Loop/Path Cut and Extrude. Next, you'll edit the spine that runs above the roof. You'll cut out areas of the spine and raise sections to increase the detail. Following this, it's time to change plans for the transport system. It probably doesn't make sense to have this located in the roof. The colonists would have to be whizzed up and down. Perhaps more logical is to build an underground system just below the accommodation.
You'll use Colin the Colonist to help you get it the right height. On the way, you'll tweak materials, add water vents to the ceiling, and make some changes that will make it easier to add landscape in the next video!

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