How to Create a Space Colony: Part 4 - Frames and Balconies

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In Part 4, you'll create a framework to support the ring structure, railings to keep your colonists safe, and you'll help them to feel more at home with lawn areas and funky balconies.
You'll use Loop/Path Cut to create sections where grass should appear. To create the railings, you'll first select edges of the Habitat Section where the railing should go, then generate a spline from these edges using Edge to Spline.
You'll use this spline with a Sweep object and Rectangle to create the railing. To create the structs of the framework, you'll again use Sweep. This time, you'll use two Sweeps.
To create the main splines for the Sweeps, you'll edit a cylinder and convert some of its edges to splines. And finally, for the balconies, you'll move parts of the buildings outwards, then round the edges of these parts using the Bevel tool.

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