How to Create a Space Colony: Part 3 - Door and Window

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In Part 3, you'll add doors and windows to the basic ring structure you created in Part 1. But before you do that, you'll separate the ring section into three separate meshes for the different parts so they can be treated differently: Habitat Section, Glass, and Hub Section.
Here you'll use Selection tools, including Loop Selection and Fill Selection, to select the polygons for the different parts. You'll use the Split command to split the selected polygons off into new mesh objects. One issue you'll run into is that the polygons are facing the wrong way. You'll correct this using the Reverse Normals command. You'll also delete unused points that were left over when you used the Split command. You'll wipe these out using Optimize.
It's then onto the doors and windows, which you'll create using Loop/Path Cut, Extrude and Extrude Inner. You'll learn how to change the number of cuts and how to place them accurately. In case you need them later, you'll add some basic rooms behind the windows. To make it easy to reselect polygons for areas such as windows, you'll create Polygon Selection tags to store those selections.
You'll also use these tags with materials to apply materials to those areas. For example, you'll apply a glass material to the tag selections for the upper and lower windows.

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