How to Create a Space Colony: Part 2 - Basic Ring

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Create your own stunning ring-shaped space colony in Cinema 4D with this epic, 16-hour tutorial by Adam Benton (
In Part 2, you'll create the basic ring structure of the space colony. First, you'll create a cross-section of the ring. To do this, you'll use the Pen and Spline Arc Tool, and you'll turn on grid point snapping to help place the points precisely. You'll create the cross-section as two splines, which you'll then join together using the Spline Mask tool. To help soften some of the edges, you'll bevel them using Chamfer.
You'll then generate the ring from the cross-section using a Sweep object and a Circle. To make life easier on yourself, you'll then delete most of the ring to leave just one section. You'll then rebuild the ring using the Cloner to replicate this section. Now any changes you make to this section will be replicated around the ring automatically. This saves you from having to do the same work multiple times around the ring.

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