Hands on with Maxon - Intro to Rigging in C4D: Part 2 - Point Weighting

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Join Cinema 4D expert instructor Joe Herman for a comprehensive six-part webinar series that will show you how to use the world-class rigging tools in Cinema 4D. Follow Joe on Twitter & Instagram: @JoeHermanArtist

Episode 2: Point Weighting

- Explanation of Point weighting
- Binding a mesh to joints
- The Weight Tag
- The Weights Manager
- Painting weights
- Applying weights
- Normalization
- Using the Mirror Tool to mirror bones and weights
- Fan bones

Download project files and course outline: https://bit.ly/HOWMaxon_Files_Rigging

Rigging is a crucial skill to have in the field of computer animation, enabling you to animate fully articulated 3D characters, anthropomorphic forms, mechanical objects and more.

This series will start with the fundamentals and progress to accomplished rigging concepts, including point weighting, constraints, FK, IK and pose morphs. It will also cover other important topics such C-Motion, C4D's powerful tool to generate cyclical motion, and the Pose Library, a critical tool for performing character animation.

Get comfortable with rigging in just 6 weeks! These 2-hour sessions are designed for artists with little to no experience in rigging and will be run inside of Cinema 4D R25, with sample project files and assets provided. Attendees are invited to follow along with the techniques shown throughout the session, however they are also recorded and available to re-watch in your own time.

00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:58 Topics, Extra bits!
00:02:11 Today's topics
00:04:00 Housekeeping
00:07:02 Recap part 1
00:08:36 Edge-flow
00:11:41 __ Topology
00:13:40 __ Scan example
00:15:41 __ Re-topologies
00:18:30 Subdivision Surface [SDS]
00:22:54 Q How detailed for re-topologies
00:25:13 Q Keep SDS or convert it
00:26:50 Weighting
00:29:04 __ Icon into the GUI*
00:30:21 __ Joint Tool
00:32:13 __ Binding Automatically
00:34:58 __ Weight Manager
00:38:22 __ Normalization
00:39:44 Q Colors shading from joints
00:41:32 __ Binding manually
00:58:12 Fan Joint, Bone
01:06:55 Q Vertex Painting [01-30-53]
01:07:16 Q Fan - Constrain
01:13:38 Q Size of the Fan Joint
01:15:36 Q Intermediate rotation joints
01:18:18 Claw Rigging Symmetry
01:24:01 __ Mirror Tool [axis variations]
01:27:11 __ Naming Tool [$N]
01:30:53 __ Manual Weighting
01:37:02 __ Symmetry Weighting [naming R_ L_]
01:40:50 __ Symmetry Weight later [-to+ ;copy]
01:47:52 __ Adding User Data
01:50:40 __ XPresso
01:59:23 __ Adding IK
02:05:25 __ Preview to part 3 [hand over]
02:06:44 Q Muscle Object, Pose Morph option
02:11:54 Q Pole and Rotation
02:13:34 Joint move without mesh move
02:16:35 Readjusting Bind Position
02:17:10 Pose Morph Bulge
02:21:29 Next week [part 3]
02:27:03 Thanks and see you in part 3

*To remove icon: Command Manager, check the Edit Palettes, then double click on the icon that needs to be deleted.

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