Hands on with Maxon - Intro to Redshift: Lights, Camera, PostFX!

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Hands-on with Maxon: Introduction to Redshift - Part 3: Lights, Camera, PostFX!

Join Maxon Trainer Elly Wade as she guides you through learning Redshift inside of Cinema 4D right from the beginning. Throughout this four-part workshop Elly will be diving into a wide range of techniques from understanding node materials, to creating lights and camera effects and even jumping into some of the essential render settings for that perfect finished look.

Get comfortable in Redshift in just 4 weeks. These 2-hour sessions are designed for artists with little to no experience in Redshift and will be run inside of Cinema 4D 25. Attendees are invited to follow along with the techniques shown throughout the session, however they are also recorded and available to re-watch in your own time.

Project Files: https://bit.ly/HOWMaxon_Redshift

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:50 Previous Sessions
00:03:45 Overview
00:05:30 Project Files
00:07:20 Q&A PDF
00:09:25 Session Plan
00:12:05 Start
00:13:10 RS vs C4D Lights
00:15:00 Area Light
00:16:30 Intensity vs Exposure
00:18:15 Light Settings
00:20:15 Mesh Light
00:25:00 Size vs Intensity
00:26:00 Visible Light
00:28:40 Point Light
00:29:24 Spot Light
00:30:05 Infinite Light
00:31:55 Shadows
00:33:00 Light Groups
00:34:05 Emission vs Lights
00:40:05 Contributions
00:44:30 Sun & Sky Rig
00:52:50 Landscape/BG Chat
01:00:45 Sun Settings
01:02:40 C4D Physical Sky
01:05:05 Portal Light
01:08:15 IES Light
01:12:00 Volumetric Lighting
01:14:45 Volume Contribution
01:17:15 Volume Scattering
01:24:30 RS Noise Volume
01:28:05 Creating Light Beams
01:31:20 Adjusting Spread
01:35:50 Camera Basics
01:38:55 FOV/Focal Lengths
01:44:05 Protection Tag
01:45:55 Undo Camera Move
01:46:55 Lock Camera in RV
01:47:55 Set Object as Camera
01:49:05 Depth of Field
01:58:30 Free Kitbash Kit
02:00:15 Next Week
02:03:15 Outro

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