Hands-on with Maxon: Cinema 4D Level-up - Working with Color

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Hands-on with Maxon: Cinema 4D Level-up - Working with Color

Welcome to a brand new Hands-on with Maxon Workshop, designed to boost Cinema 4D Artists to the next level of their 3D journey. This series is aimed at designers with an initial understanding of Cinema 4D and over six weeks will dive deeper into the essentials of working with; Modeling, Simulation, Motion, Redshift, and much more.

Throughout these 2-hour sessions Elly and Matt will guide you on your 3D journey where students are invited to follow along with project-based lessons across a wide range of Cinema 4D Tools. Get unlimited access to scene files, assets and session recordings, but not only that, all registrants will benefit from an extended Trial of Maxon One for the duration of the course.

Part 5 - Working with Color
- Different Color Possibilities in Cinema 4D/Redshift
- Vertex Color
- Vertex Maps & Vertex Data in Redshift (Vertex Attribute Node)
- MoGraph Color
- Color User Data in Redshift
- Color Blending and Masking (Material Blending)
- Color with Lights & Volumetric Lighting

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