Exploring a Character Rig: Part 1 - Walk Cycle

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Instructor Matt Umney

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In this beginners tutorial we will look at a Character rig and look at the things that make it go! All the controllers and buttons, sliders and movers that mean you can move your character and bring it to life. It won’t make you an expert but I hope it does give you a good starting point if you have never explored this type of animation before.
You will first be directed around a simple Character Rig. You will explore its controllers and how they effect the movement of key areas of the body. You will then explore it’s sliders and how Cinema 4D’s PoseMorph tag allows you to control facial expressions. You will then look at how Cinema 4Ds Xpresso has been used to help control fingers. Finally you will use Cinema 4D’s Automatic Keyframing to produce a simple walk cycle.

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