Dynamic Particles & MoGraph: Doing Fancy Stuff with your Dynamic Clones

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How to utilize MoGraph’s tools to have even more control and flexibility with your setup.

Now that you know how to generate Dynamic Object Streams using Particles and MoGraph, allow me to show you a few tips on how to utilize MoGraph’s tools to have even more control and flexibility with your setup.

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I would love to show you a nifty little trick you can do to take advantage over some of the MoGraph tools when you're using this layout with the standard emitter to generate flows of dynamic objects. I'm going to get rid of the capsule just to remind you it's just filling a glass container with some capsules. I'm going to remove the capsule. And what I'm going to do is create a sphere and I'm going to set this to gross shading. I'm going to make my sphere of an icosahedron type. And I think I'm going to make these 12 and make it smaller, something like 30. And I'm going to drop this as a child of cloners. So, now I'm emitting spheres. But you can see that they're all quite uniform. So, what I'm going to do here is use a MoGraph Random Effector as a child of the sphere and I'm going to set the random effector as a deformer of points. And I want to make sure that my minimum is zero and in my parameter that everything is zero except for the Z which is the direction of the norm one. I'm going to make this 10. And you can see now that we have these deformed spheres but they're all the same. So, how do I fill this up with objects which are similar but not identical? I'm going to show you right away. You make a copy of this sphere, so now we have two identical spheres. And I'm going to tell the cloner instead of iterating through the clones, to blend between them. Now, this and this are identical but I'm going to change something. I'm going to go to the random effector, go to the effector tab and change the seed to something else, any other number will do. Now, if I press play, every single one of this is different than the other, and you have to take my word for it. And I can always go and change the value of this I guess. If you change the min/max then it will contract some points and expand others. But either way, now, each and every one of these distorted spheres is absolutely not identical to the other. And you can use other parameters. For example, you can change the radius or you can add a third type and make that eight. Rewind, press play, and now we have a bigger diversity. And although by emitting directly from the emitter, you can have more than one object, you cannot achieve the blending that will make each and every one object different from the other. Now, I will leave it up to you to experiment with MoGraph setups and particle emitters and dynamics and see what you'll come up with.
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