Designing FUI Graphics Part 4: Tracking & Integrating FUI

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Instructor Elly Wade

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Tracking and Compositing FUI into Shots
Elly, Chad and Nick focus on tracking and compositing FUI into shots. Along the way, we’ll look at C4D’s Object tracker, VFX Suites Optical Glow, Spot Clone Tracker, and Red Giant Universe

Project file downloads:

51:43 Setting up our Motion Tracker and adding our Footage
56:24 Manually Tracking our Footage (and how to fix it)
01:01:42 Setting up our Object Tracker and Assigning our Tracks
01:03:24 Adding our Focal Length and Running 3D Solver
01:05:17 Adding Constraints to decide our Y Axis Plane and our Object Length
01:07:05 Adding 3D Geometry into our scene to work with our Object Tracker

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