Demystifying Series: C4D Lite for After Effects: Part 3

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Join the Maxon Training Team as Elly, Darrin and Chad help you integrate 3D in your After Effects projects. The techniques in these sessions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from indie artists and multidisciplinary teams to editors and motion graphics designers.

Join us as we explore After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite workflows, with special guest Christine Goldby, Senior Product Manager for After Effects, including tracking scenes, compositing tricks for 3D objects, tips for processing more quickly, working with depth passes generated from 3D data, and also adding visual flair with Red Giant plug-ins.

00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:00 Intro
00:07:05 Ae Tracker Tip
00:10:30 Spot Clone Tracker
00:14:30 Q Spot v. Content Aware Fill
00:16:20 Q Multiple spots/ Clicks Amount
00:18:40 Q Compare Spot to Mocha Pro
00:20:20 Main Project: Lite n Broadcasty
00:23:50 __ Studio multi element creation
00:28:10 __ Asset Browser Objects
00:29:00 __ Lights and Screen
00:32:10 __ Object Buffer
00:33:50__ External Compositing Tag
00:35:00 After Effects
00:37:00 __ Starting in Ae with a C4D file
00:38:00 __ Cineware
00:39:00 Q CineWare Mac and Win Render
00:40:50 __ Alpha channel settings
00:42:15 __ CineWare Extract
00:43:20 __ Solid to Video
00:45:30 __ Composite Video
00:47:50 __ Using the Object Buffer
00:49:15 Q Ae Prefs: Memory & Performance
00:50:45 Q Cache When Idle
00:54:40 __ Red Giant Trapcode: Shine
01:02:40 Q Cinema 4D to Ae position match
01:07:45 Ae beta preview by Adobe
01:09:45 Ae Extend preview 3D Bin
01:11:30 Ae Shape layers Properties panel
01:13:35 Ae Release v beta compatibility
01:15:00 Outro
Download project files from the Demystifying Post Production sessions:

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