Demystifying Post Production: Wonderful World of Particles - Part 2 of 4

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Join the Maxon Training Team every Monday in July as we explore a wide variety of tools for creating particles in post-production, featuring Cinema 4D, Redshift, X-Particles, After Effects, Particular, Houdini, and Unreal Engine.

We'll cover a brief history of particles, explore workflows for different situations, show unconventional creative treatments, and help you transfer your particle knowledge across multiple tools.

Week 2
Cinema 4D Master Trainer Lionel Vicidomini shows you how to get up-and-running with INSYDIUM X-Particles, including a general overview, getting set up, practical examples, and combinations with Redshift to create stunning visuals. We're also joined by X-Particles legend Bob Walmsley, answering questions and adding essential insights.

Project Files: Wonderful World of Particles

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