Demystifying Post Production: Voyages Across Applications, Part 3

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Join Maxon Trainers Chad Perkins, Elly Wade and Lionel Vicidomini every Monday in April, as they Travel The World, exploring how to move content and data in and out of multiple Maxon tools and applications.

Week 3 – From Cineware to Unreal
Grab your passports! In this unconventional week for the Demystifying series, we're going to be adventuring with Chad and Elly into foreign territory as we look at how to get content out of Cinema 4D and into Unreal Engine, the real time game engine from Epic. Additionally, we'll look at how to ship particles and seamless loops from Trapcode to Unreal to be used as sprites that are triggered when characters interact with them.

Download project files from the Demystifying Post Production sessions:

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