Demystifying Post-Production: Sculpt! Model! Render! Composite! - Redshift Part 3

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Join us live every Monday in June as the Maxon Training Team lead you through a creative 3D project, taking you from the initial sculpt to the finished composite. We'll be sharing essential techniques in ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Redshift and Red Giant plug-ins in After Effects, providing timesaving tips to help you make eye-catching creative visuals.

Week 3: Render!
Continuing her work on the fantasy creature scene, Elly Wade will use Redshift to add and refine lights, design materials, and craft render settings to bring our environment to life. You’ll learn how to build detailed materials, add atmospheric fog, optimize and fill the scene using the RS Object Tag, and finish things off by exporting out AOVs for compositing.

Download project files from the Demystifying Post Production sessions:

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