Demystifying Post-Production: Raise your Redshift Game: Rendering Volumes

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Join Maxon Trainers Elly Wade, Lionel Vicidomini and Dustin Valkema as they dive into some exciting techniques using Redshift. Throughout this four-part series the team will breakdown interesting new ways to increase your Redshift rendering skills. From rendering particles and volumes, to building complex layered materials and even jumping into sub-surface scattering!

Creating and rendering fire, smoke or water is a difficult and challenging task. In this session Master Trainer Lionel Vicidomini will show you how to render volumes with Redshift, using Cinema 4D’s in-built tools as well as using the X-Particles plug-in from INSYDIUM.

Project Files:

00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:39 Housekeeping
00:02:52 Files and Materials
00:04:26 Today’s Topic
00:05:05 Example overview
00:07:24 Sky Cloud Volume
00:07:32 __ Creating a base object
00:09:26 __ Volume, RS mat., light
00:11:35 __ RS Material, RS Render
00:14:21 __ Random Field, Voxel Size
00:18:16 __ Light adjustments
00:20:04 __ Rendering
00:20:32 __ Voxel math, Look development
00:26:10 __ Adding more objects
00:28:52 Q Cloud Animation
00:31:18 Q Cloud Color
00:34:10 Export VDB, Volume Object
00:38:18 __ RS Material, Cloner
00:39:08 __ Randomize Pos. Rot, Scale
00:40:55 Clouds along Spline
00:43:32 Q Which AOV for clouds
00:44:37 Q Creating god-rays with clouds
00:47:04 Q Animation in VDB
00:47:58 Q Collision and VDB
00:49:18 Q VDB and standard render
00:51:20 Water Simulation X-Particles
00:52:05 __ Scene set up, Helix, XP
00:55 45 __ xpFlowField, Spline, Curl
01:03:15 __ xpOpenVDBMesher
01:05:01 __ RS render via Vertex
01:06:27 __ RS Material, RS Dome Light, HDR
01:09:20 __ Water and Motion Blur in RS
01:13:33 Q Motion preview
01:15:05 Q Water and Thinking Particles
01:16:20 Q Motion Blur In Post
01:17:58 Q One or two materials
01:18:57 Q Fire in the project files
01:23:02 Thank you!
01:23:43 See you next week

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