Deep Dive into Refractive Objects - Common Errors when Using Refractive Materials

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When setting up scenes with Refractive Objects, I have observed over the years, a number of errors that happen frequently. These are:
The Single Sided Glass Problem, that causes thin glass objects to act as a thick lens rather than thin glass, mainly from the lack of model thickness.
Also, inverted polygon normals cause inaccurate renders and artifacts on most renderers, and although Standard and Physical are quite tolerant, Redshift, and all other modern renderers are NOT.
Another frequent issue is caused by the assumption that in order to create cavities in objects, for example bubbles in ice or water, you need to reverse the normals of the bubbles and connect the outer model with the inner one. This may work in some circumstances, but will fail when the composite object is inside another medium. (Ice with bubbles is inside water).
Finally, refractive objects that are touching another, non refractive solid object, should NOT have any overlaps, and rather have a small gap between them.
In this video I will go through these scenarios in detail and explain how to avoid them.

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