Creative Collaboration in Universe, Part 4

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Over five sessions in March we will show how you can use Red Giant Universe to create beautiful graphical magic on the timeline, and share it across multiple hosts, operating systems, and workflows.

Joining us are industry experts Jason Hare and Nick Harauz, who together will reveal insider tips for design deliverables from video editors', mograph artists' and colorists' perspectives, how to use Universe as part of a motion graphics artist’s toolkit, as well as techniques for creating and quickly iterating elements for broadcast news and sports as well as for social media platforms.

We’ll look at how you can share creative work and designs between Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Composer, as well as creative workflows linking Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve, allowing teams to work more efficiently together, and create dazzling visuals in less time.

00:00​​ - Intro
04:40 - Overview of the text tools in Red Giant Universe
17:55 - Overview of Typographic
26:44 - Versioning and collaborative workflow using
35:30 - Multiple Lines on Type On
36:27 - Creating currency value using Numbers and Luster
43:19 - MOGRT workflow inside After Effects
55:26 - Motion Graphic templates in Adobe Stock
57:45 - Different ways to use Universe generators
1:00:25 - Creative ways to give effects to your texts
1:06:09 - Free eBook on making MOGRTs

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