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  • Duration: 61:45
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  • Made with Release: 13
  • Works with Release: 13 and greater

R13 Interface Tweaks

In this episode:

04:20New and Notes (99frames Contest, Demo Activation, New Tutorials, Upcoming Events:CTN Expo / Production Conn)
08:30Intro to R13 Interface Tweaks
09:40Options Dialog / Options Mode for Shortcuts, Getting a list of shortcuts, Transferring shortcuts, Shorty Plugin for multiple shortcut sets
19:35Layout Chooser, Window Menu, Create Menu, Select Menu, Tools Menu
27:35Autoswitch & Tweak Modes, Mesh Menu (Move Up/Down Sequence / Explode Objects), Ctrl / Cmd Drag to Duplicate, Extrude, Extrude Inner
37:35Animation Menu (Play Sound / Custom Interpolation), Simulate Menu, Render, MoGraph, Character Menus
41:13Plugins / Script Menus, View Menu (Link Active Object), Global Popup, Customizing Menus, User Menu Sets
58:25Closing Notes

Hosts: Rick Barrett, Bret Bays

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