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  • Duration: 64:38
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  • Made with Release: 13
  • Works with Release: 13 and greater

Introduction to the new Physical Camera & Physical Render in CINEMA 4D Release 13

In this episode:

00:04New and Notes (Going to the Store, Upcoming Events)
04:40Intro to Physical Render
06:58Physical Camera Settings / Depth of Field
16:45Physical Camera / Exposure (ISO, Gain)
22:00Physical Camera / Bokeh, Diaphram
35:00Irradiance GI versus Indirect Illumination
37:21Depth Pass & Physical Render
38:30Shutter Speed / Motion Blur (Light Streaks)
48:18Physical Render Sampling Modes
55:00Cloth NURBS Parallel Option
56:31Q&A / Closing Notes

Hosts: Rick Barrett, Andy Runyon

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