CG Event Rewind: Creating Stunning Cyberpunk Titles in Cinema 4D and After Effects | Jonas Pilz

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Instructor Jonas Pilz

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  • Duration: 48:23
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In this presentation, Maxon Master Trainer Jonas Pilz will show how to create eye-catching cyberpunk title animations in Cinema 4D and Redshift. You will learn about Cinema 4D’s award-winning MoGraph toolset and how you can set up spectacular materials and atmospheric lighting. Furthermore, Jonas will show the advantages of rendering in ACES and how you can comp everything together with full control over the lighting of your scene in After Effects.

00:00 Introduction and what we are going to create
01:32 Creating an object and setting up a displacement material in Redshift
06:21 Creating an emission map from the displacement texture
09:57 Creating variations of the displacement material
12:28 Setting up the title with animation using MoGraph
17:51 Setting up the lighting
22:06 Setting up the street material
27:27 Creating fog
30:44 Setting up Light Groups and AOVs
35:10 Render Settings
36:08 ACES explanation
39:10 EXR settings & rendering
41:39 Setting up the After Effects project and composition to support ACES
45:18 Playing around with the composition + Final result
47:16 Another ACES 32 bit project
48:15 What the Maxon Training Team does

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