Ask The Trainer | Refractive Materials and Nested Dielectrics

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Join us for another exciting #AskTheTrainer session on Thursday 27th January 2022 at 8am Pacific, as Cinema 4D Master Trainers Noseman and Jonas Pilz are going to talk about refractive materials and nested dielectrics. Driven by your questions, they will also show how to set up a scene with refractive objects correctly and share many useful tips along the way.

You can also submit questions ahead of time:

00:01:30 Welcome
00:04:05 Theme intro
00:06:40 Example Nested Dielectrics
00:13:59 IOR Stack graphic
00:17:55 Nested bubble
00:19:49 Thin Walled [car]
00:23:23 Q Trace Step settings [RS3D]
00:29:01 Q ACES on-off [RS3D]
00:30:52 Glass and Normals [RS3D]
00:37:05 Q Physical PBR grainy
00:40:46 Glass, ice, and details
00:42:55 Diffusion v. SubSurface
00:45:32 Ice Cube
00:45:45 __ Modeling
00:50:05 __ Surface details [displace]
00:53:35 __ Stretched bubbles
00:57:57 __ Ice material
00:59:10 __ Air bubble material
01:00:48 __ Light and HDR [RS3D]
01:01:23 __ Material details noise
01:07:51 Q Ramp to linear
01:08:39 Q Glass mirror set up
01:15:00 Outro

Take your learning further on this topic by watching the excellent Cineversity series Deep Dive into Refractive Objects by Noseman:

In this series we Noseman dives deep into the underlying concepts of Nested Dielectrics, shares how to setup models and materials for the best possible outcome, and shows how to render physically accurate water and glass in reasonable amounts of time.

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