Ask The Trainer: C4D Making of Terminator Hunter Killer

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Using Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Jamie will break down some shots and share his process, revealing how he recreated the look and feel of the “future war” sequences from the first Terminator film.

Watch the short film and find out more about Jamie's production process:

Check out Jamie’s YouTube page:

00:01:43 Hello
00:03:00 Welcome Dir. Jamie F. Martin
00:04:30 Where to find…
00:06:15 How Jamie got into 3D
00:08:08 How the project started
00:10:47 The main approach
00:13:20 Keeping the motivation up
00:16:15 Support from others
00:18:20 What needed to be modeled
00:22:35 Q Render engine, times
00:27:20 Use of XRef
00:31:25 Fire sprites, cards, lights
00:36:05 Camera work
00:38:25 Editing Style, Sound
00:44:00 About directing
00:47:25 YT audience feedback
00:48:23 Project changes, development
00:50:18 Set-Dressing example cars
00:53:25 Skills v project challenges
00:58:28 HUD design/production
01:03:22 Use of reference
01:05:35 VFX Lasers
01:08:05 Render Passes
01:10:18 What’s Next…
01:12:01 About Jamie (Social)
01:13:55 Housekeeping

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