20 Second Quicktip - Dynamic Flares in Magic Bullet Looks

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  • Made with Release: 9
  • Works with Release: 9 and greater

The Anamorphic Flare tool in Magic Bullet Looks dynamically changes intensity by matching the brightness of highlights in the shot, without using keyframes.

Adjust the Threshold and Boost to customize the treatment, and increase the Threshold Softness to customize the flare color. Add to the effect by combining it with the Haze/Flare tool in Looks.

TIP: the flare color defaults to blue, typically used in movies. Increase the Threshold Softness to customize the flare color, which introduces softness into the boundaries of the Threshold region, softening the overall flare effect naturally.

TIP: Use Reflection to add a secondary flare, positioned as an inversion of the first.

Download project file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wl5wx8gv35dfez0/Dynamic%20Flares%20in%20Looks.zip?dl=0

Image credit: https://stock.adobe.com/uk/video/cu-little-kid-boy-wearing-cardboard-astronaut-helmet-launching-a-toy-rocket-from-a-spaceport-through-planets-4k-uhd-60-fps-slow-mo/199920329?prev_url=detail

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