20 Second Quicktip - Changing the time of day with color grading

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Although the Pop setting in Magic Bullet Colorista, was created to adjust for haze in a shot, you can use it creatively to change the time of day.

Drag the control to a negative value to slightly soften the image, and then add warm colour in the highlights and mid-tones to create a late afternoon effect.

Pop can also help you create gritty and dramatic treatments. More info here: https://www.lynda.com/Final-Cut-Pro-tutorials/Art-Color-Correction-Color-Grading-Locations-Times-Day/106932-2.html

TIP: Pop adds local contrast to your image for more visual 'pop' or clarity. Positive Pop provides better visual sharpness for many types of challenging footage, such as outdoor backlit shots. Set to negative values, Pop removes sharpness and creates a softened smoothing effect.

TIP: Pop is also available as a tool in Magic Bullet looks

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