20 Second Quicktip - Automatic Lens flare tracking without keyframes in Universe Knoll Light Factory

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  • Made with Release: 9
  • Works with Release: 9 and greater

Automatically animate the position of lens flares, using the location layer function in Universe Knoll Light Factory EZ, and also in the full version of Knoll Light Factory in VFX Suite.

Use a luma key to isolate the bright element you want to track, and then point the Location Layer parameter at the luma key layer.

This automatically animates the position of the lens flare, without needing keyframes.

TIP: Set the Obscuration Layer parameter to the luma key source to more accurately replicate lens flares being obscured by objects in the scene. Note: use the Inverse Alpha setting to control the brightness of the flare.

Download project file here: http://bit.ly/KLF-EZ-tracking

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