NAB 2018 Rewind - Nick Campbell and Chris Schmidt: Ask GSG

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  • Duration: 48:22
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Nick Campbell and Chris Schmidt of answer audience questions about Cinema 4D, just as they do each week in their AskGSG livestream.
In this edition, Chris shows how to create a working helicopter animated only via C4D’s Rigid-Body Dynamics. Chris attaches rotor blades to a cube using a dynamic connector object, and then drives their rotation with a Motor object. Adjusting the aerodynamic lift within the Dynamics tag completes the simulation and allows to the helicopter to fly.
Next, Chris and Nick work on replicating some imagery of chameleon skin, and the project morphs somewhat into a commercial for a fancy TV. The basic technique uses C4D’s dynamics to distribute spheres in an organic way. Nick adds reflective materials and an HDRI (surprise, surprise) and renders the scene using Cinema 4D’s Enhanced OpenGL Hardware Render.

03:58Dynamic Helicopter with Rigid-Body Dynamics, Motor and Aerodynamic Lift
10:42Chameleon Skin / Fancy TV
15:33Adding Variety with Shader Effector
17:16Mapping Color to Clones (Shader Effector)
21:28Tweaking the Material
27:45Setting appropriate Camera Focal Length
29:50Viewport Rendering (SSAO, Depth-of-field)
35:04HDRI Studio Rig