Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Robyn Haddow: Using MoGraph to Create Ant Man's Tech

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  • Duration: 56:57
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Learn techniques Robyn Haddow used in creation of Fantasy User Interfaces (FUI) for Marvel’s Ant Man and the Wasp. You’ll see how Robyn created loopable playback elements from an X-Particles Network, a MoGraph Cloner and PolyFX. You’ll also see how she generates various spline, point, wireframe and fresnel passes using C4D’s Hair Renderer, Cel Renderer and Object Buffers. Then you’ll see how these passes combine with 3D data in After Effects to create the Fantasy User Interfaces of your favorite films.

03:09Spatial Anomaly Matrix Visualization
04:41X-Particles Network Modifier
12:24Cloning Nulls on Splines
14:57Exporting Null Positions for After Effects Compositing
15:49Hair Rendering Splines
27:17Quantum Vehicle Chip Analysis / Using Hair to Render a Point Pass
31:21Creating a Wireframe Pass with C4D's Cel Renderer
33:21Fill Pass using Fresnel Shader
34:19Adding Nulls For AE Labels
37:12Compositing multiple passes in After Effects
49:37Other Examples