NAB 2018 Rewind - Chris Schmidt: 50 Minutes of Tips and Tricks for Cinema 4D

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Chris Schmidt from Greyscalegorilla once again dazzles the Cinema 4D community with 18 amazing Tips, Trick and Techniques. Below is a brief description of the incredibly valuable information he covers.

Bevel Inversion is a great modeling technique for creating inverted bevels. Scale to Timeline shows you how to quickly scale the Power Slider to the current project length. Select Through Objects illustrates how to select objects in a complex scene from within the viewport, locate them in the Object Manager and zoom in if needed. Text Geometry shows you how to model complex text fonts using the Polygon Pen tool. HPB (heading, pitch, bank) gives you a quick overview of this coordinate system. Collapse Panels provides the shortcuts for collapsing and expanding manager windows in Cinema 4D. Offset with Falloff is a technique for creating an undulating animation on a collection of clones using the Step and Plane Effectors. Super Poly Clean Redux cleans up unnecessary geometry in models using the old Polygon Reduction Deformer. Animation Palette takes you through some nifty tricks you can use to control keyframes in the Timeline controller directly underneath the Editor Window. n-Sides and Lofts is a precision modeling technique using n-Sides for Circles in a Loft Object. Proximal Falloff is a technique Chris discovered while looking for ways to create Dungeons and Dragons maps using Cloners, Effectors, Sketch & Toon, and Proximal Shader. Too Many Objects shows you how you can optimize a scene that has a lot of objects by using the Baking tools to reduce the total number of objects. With Bouncy Springs Chris illustrates how to use Springs to create a ragdoll type of object animation. Shadow as Texture is a great technique for using shadows to create texture with the Lumas Shader, Noise, Layer Shader, and Falloff. Booles! offers some great tricks for using Booleans to add complex details to models. Sketchy Variation shows you how to create a hand drawn feel with animated textures, GSG's Signal and the Displacement Deformer. Lastly, Chris shows you how to create a Second Executable of Cinema 4D.

00:24Bevel Inversion
02:13Scale to Timeline
02:31Select Through Objects
03:38Text Geometry
10:21Collapse Panels
11:20Offset with Falloff
15:26Super Poly Clean Redux
17:25Animation Pallete
20:42n-Sides and Lofts
24:36Proximal Falloff
31:11Too Many Objects
32:59Bouncy Springs
35:35Shadow as Texture
43:38Sketchy Variation
51:48Second Executable