Siggraph 2016 Rewind - Sekani Solomon: The Dolby at AMC Prime Preshow

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Sekani Solomon of Imaginary Forces shows a new animation for The Dolby at AMC Prime Preshow.

Imaginary Forces, New York was engaged to design a new animation for The Dolby at AMC Prime Preshow. Sekani breaks down many parts of the animation in great detail. This project includes some incredibly sophisticated Xparticles, character animation, MoGraph and Take System techniques.
PLEASE NOTE: The recording system crashed right at the beginning of Sekani’s presentation. His explanation of what he will be covering is missing. So, first you will see the actual Preshow animation and then it goes straight to Sekani’s breakdown of the particle effects on the bird. The beginning of this section was also cut off, but we were able to splice in the first few steps from another Sekani presentation. So the actual material is complete. Enjoy!

00:19The Dolby at AMC Prime Preshow
02:32Adding the Xparticles Effects on the Bird
08:32Animating the Bird
12:44Using The Take System
15:39Using Xparticles Over a Landscape for Exits Message
16:50Baking Xparticles for MoGraph Use
22:29Creating the Exits
24:43Creating the Suspect Dudes
32:32Creating the Electric Particle Tree Effect
38:54Quick Take System Demo