Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Tim Clapham: Creative Motion Graphic Workflows with VDB

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Tim Clapham of Luxx Studios and HelloLuxx shows several motion graphics applications for the Volume Object in Cinema 4D R20. You’ll see two different techniques for creating fluid text effects, including one which adds dripping blood to the text. You’ll also see how to use Matrices cloned onto a surface in conjunction with volumes, how to mesh noise fields directly, and how to create layered volumes by applying curve modifiers to a single random field. Finally, Tim shows how to use formula fields to modify a volume, and how a random matrices on the surface of an object can modify the result when applied as a subfield.

02:46OpenVDB Intro
06:53Honey Fake Fluid with VDB
11:48The Guilty - VDB Fluid effect with Fields
23:01Einstein - Matrices and Volumes
30:03Meshing Fields with VDB Fog
34:38Meshing Multiple Fields using Curve Modfiers
41:01Meshing Formula Fields and Using Subfields