NAB 2018 Rewind - Sabour Amirazodi: The Pioneer DJ Tradeshow Booth: A New Spin with C4D

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In this live presentation from the NAB 2018 Tradeshow floor, Sabour Amirazodi shares how he created an incredible amount of content for a DJ equipment booth at another tradeshow. He breaks down three key scenes from a much larger piece: a creepy warehouse, a pirate ship on the high seas, and the futuristic interior of a timel machine. In addition to inspiring visuals, Amirazodi peppers his presentation with strategies for how to work faster so that you can get home sooner. He makes extensive use of preset content and then combines it in novel ways so that it’s unrecognizable.

01:17Project Overview
03:02Pirate Scene
05:51Setting up a Template for a Non-Standard Format
13:24Warehouse Scene
14:19Creating an Elevator
17:39Kit Bashing
22:44Adding Textures and Interior Details
24:05Animating the Elevator
29:58Pirate Ship
30:53Rigging Imported Models
33:54Adding Wind to the Sails
39:10Creating Ocean
43:20Time Travel Scene
47:35Animating the Time Machine
49:37Adding Cables