NAB 2017 Rewind - Patrick Longstreth: Visual Effects for Adam Ruins Everything

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Patrick Longstreth, VFX Supervisor for truTV's Adam Ruins Everything, demonstrates how Cinema 4D is used to quickly and easily create three specific VFX shots from the show. You'll see how C4D's Motion Tracker is used to track a greenscreen shot and place Adam into a virtual news set. For the Adam Ruins Malls episode, Patrick needed to place Adam and Emily in a pile of Vitamin Supplements, which he quickly models from a Capsule primitvie, places and animates with the aid of Rigid Body Dynamics and then composites from a quick foreground and background plate generate via C4D's Layer system. Finally Patrick shows how easy it is to destroy a shopping mall with the help of the Voronoi Fracture object in Cinema 4D R18.

07:29Virtual Set - Motion Tracker
18:16Vitamins - Rigid Body Dynamics
40:10Crumbling Mall - Voronoi Fracture