Using Google Zync with Cinema 4D: Introduction to Google Zync Render for Cinema 4D

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Introduction on how to use Google Zync Render for C4D.

Learn how to use Google Zync with Cinema 4D.

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ZYNC Render is Google's cloud rendering solution which gives Cinema 4D users the massive computational rendering power of Google's infrastructure. ZYNC is a fully turnkey solution offering integrated asset transfer, a queue manager, and web interface for managing your projects in cloud storage, all built on a permanent basis all fully on demand. It allows you to sync assets and launch jobs directly from a plug-in inside of Cinema 4D. Unlock unprecedented scale and cost savings when your project needs it most by using up to 32,000 cores to render a scene. Revolutionize your workflow and scale as big as you need at the push of a button. New users can sign up for an account with free credits at
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