Swordfish "Talos" - Breakdown: Introduction

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“Talos” is a Greek mythological Creature, that probably represents the first mechanical - living being… the primeval Robot.
Our modern fascination with Artificial intelligence, is closely echoed by our cultural ancestors with the depiction of Talos over two and a half millennia ago.
Swordfish, a motion design studio based in San Francisco, started working on this passion project at the beginning of 2020, and quoting from their website:
“This passion project was completed during down-time, with artists exploring new tools and techniques while maintaining a common theme.”
The project was made in Cinema 4D, and rendered using Redshift, and Swordfish kindly gave us access to the project files, so that we could put together a Breakdown Tutorial series.
This series is going to incrementally roll out throughout 2021, a few videos at a time, and will cover, amongst other things:
Procedural Modeling using Volumes, Mograph and other procedural techniques;
Optimal Kitbashing techniques;
How to make dynamic Cables using Hair;
Creating organic “gooey” stuff;
How to Rig Articulated Mechanisms & DNA Molecules;
Lighting Setups in Redshift including Image Based Lighting
Volumes and Participating Media;
Creating Holograms;
Redshift Materials...
And more.

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My name is Athanasios Pozantzis, AKA noseman, and my twitter handle is @nosemangr.

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