Siggraph 2018 Rewind - David Koss and Matt Milstead: Projection Mapping in Cinema 4D

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Matt Millstead and Dave Koss of Nexus Motion and demonstrate aspects of two separate projection projects completed with Cinema 4D. Matt first shows how they designed an animation used by Deadmau5 in his New Year’s Eve countdown. The animation project features the characters from Rick and Morty, and was animated in Virtual Reality with the help of VRChat. Dave talks about the process they used in creating a projection for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. You’ll learn how they were able to derive a model of the building using a Mavic Pro and Agisoft Photoscan, and how they achieved a number of the gags in the animation using various plugins including X-Particles and Greyscalegorilla’s Signal. Finally Matt and Dave announce a new upcoming community resource,

02:11Deadmau5 NYE Countdown
06:47NYE: Modeling the Box
09:07NYE: Wires
12:18NYE: Countown Timer
17:10NYE: Lipsync Mouth Animation via Sound Effector
21:12NYE: VRChat
24:17Busch Gardens Projection Mapping
25:48Photogrammetry with Mavic and Agisoft Photoscan
27:50Spotlight Effect
31:59XP Comet / Star Trails
37:13GSG Signal BPM
44:02Simulating Projections with Camera Mapping