Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Jeremy Cox: Improvisational C4D in Production

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  • Duration: 44:08
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See how displacement, sculpting and animations from Mixamo combine in Imaginary Forces’ title sequence for SXSW Gaming Awards.

In this live presentation from Siggraph 2017, Jeremy Cox demonstrates how Imaginary Forces used Cinema 4D to create the opening title sequence for the SXSW Gaming Awards. You’ll see how displacement and sculpting can be used to generate unique and art-directable landscapes, and how the Polygon Pen can be used to place clones onto specific areas of an object. You’ll also see how Mixamo data can be utilized within Cinema 4D to easily add animated characters to a project.

02:48SXSW Gaming Awards
12:16Creating Terrain (Displacer+Sculpting)
20:43Texturing Terrain (Bump + Displacement)
29:39Animating Astronauts with Mixamo
33:29Final Layout (LOD)
37:04Placing Clones with PolyPen
40:28Final Compositing in Nuke