Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Jan Sladecko: Creating a 3D Motion Design Commercial with C4D

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See multiple techniques for creating and animating threads in C4D.

Jan Sladecko explains the process and technique behind several projects created in Cinema 4D. First you’ll see how simple PSR keyframes and kitbashing combine for dramatic effect in a promo created by The Mill for IMAX Transformers: The Last Knight. Next Jan offers a shot-by-shot breakdown of a promo The Mill created for the FX Networks show The Americans. The promo emphasizes the tangled web of deception in the show via interwoven threads, and Jan shows several techniques for creating and animating the threads. Finally, Jan shows how he added dynamics into motion sculptures in a project created with AixSponza for Nike Tech Fleece.

06:12IMAX Transformers
12:46Kitbashing a Tunnel
19:13The Americans Teaser
22:09Threads (Helix, SplineWrap, Hair)
24:25Threading along Forms (X-Particles)
30:19Spline Projection
32:11Tearing Effects
36:05Spline Dynamics
40:45Nike Tech Fleece / Motion Sculpture / Dynamic Trails